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An ongoing work in progress (Dungeons & Dragons for an audience)


From reading the Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone's later iterations of the 'choose your own adventure books' I was fascinated in this free play style. It wasn't until later when I tried staging the mechanics with a live audience did I realize the true liberty of player choice it brought.

As such, I have always kept the idea of 'player choice' in the for front of my mind, and with each iteration have sought to find the next best way to solve the previous build's issues and expand upon the work I had done before.

From a rowdy audience shouting their responses to "What do you do?" I progressed to an audience with closed eyes and raised hands, to a part-physical and borderline-LARP enactment of their actions.

For the next iteration I looked towards Roll20 with its built in system for chat commands regarding dice rolls, to see how I much more liberty there is to be found in a fully chat controlled player character.

It was, without a doubt, chaos. 

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