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Interactive Fiction

There are only ever two choices in life

Humanizing the dehumanized

Exploring 4chan, NEET culture

and human existence

For a 2 hour Game Jam.

Using only haiku.

Theatre & Film

(Physical Theatre)

"Are you a boy or a girl?"


The world re-imagined with one silly change


Greentext, Smokin' Beer and Melancholy

Comics & Animations

Coming Soon


 estrenando 2024

Tabletop Roleplay Games

A collection of artwork I've made

from the many games I've run online

Spruce up your games!

A Dungeon Master that prepared nothing...

A character controlled by the audience...

The School of Emergence

The continent is in disrepair.

Now, more than ever,

there is saftey in numbers.

Be that a battalion of soldiers,

a group of adventurers,

or a bunch of classmates.

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