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>be me delves into the mind a of NEET (Someone who is Not in Education, Employment or Training).

Greentext (a language format spawned by 4chan) is used to aid in establishing the environment.

I was aware how hard it was to engange in heavy text-based twine games, which was partly the reason for the focus on using greentext. While working on the game, I also created a mock 'company specification list' that I had to deliver in the final product in some way. With the inclusion of mixed media (a blog post and webcomic) I was able to achieve all the targets.

Target audience: Young adults (as referenced material) and other interested parties


Must feature:

  • A trigger warning at the start of the game

  • Two main paths: Online and Offline, with neither portrayed well

  • Graphic manipulations of fantasy versus reality in the Dream Sequences

  • Options for the player to choose to either succumb or fight their dreams

  • Some artwork of the character, that represents an androgynous aesthetic

  • A two day cycle for the player to explore the Online and Offline worlds more

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